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We offer classes for all fitness levels

12 Pack - Class

12 Pack

Crunched for time? Make the most out of your lunch break in an intense 30 minute abs and butt workout. Get your rear in gear by toning all the right places. 12 Pack will be the boost you need to take on the rest of your day!


Essence Yoga

A restorative class created to warm up and strengthen breath, in order to stretch and balance out the body. This class has a slower flow to it, spent lingering in postures to explore balance and relief your body needs. Returning you to your day with less aches and tension in just 45 minutes!

Bootcamp - Class

Boot Camp

Using the most advanced techniques available; the high intensity aerobic and anaerobic workout will push you to your limits and beyond. At Burn Fitness even boot camp is about you!

Cardi-oh! - Class


Attention all you ladies! Are you constantly on the go making it difficult to get in an effective workout? HIIT this 30 minute cardio class designed to get your heart going, muscles burning, and revved up to fly through the rest of your day!

Climax - Class


Is a 55 minute split body routine packed with a series of exercises designed to drive you to the highest and most intense point in the development of the human body. Climax workouts are extremely effective and highly efficient pushing your body to its maximum point along with your heart rate, by rotating from one exercise to another with minimal rest in between. The objective is to push your body to the limit. You work, you sweat, and best of all you BURN calories!

Foam Roll - Class

Foam Roll

Learn to release stress and tension from your muscles.  Similar to getting a massage, foam rolling aides in post-workout recovery as well as pre-workout warm-ups.

Fusion - Class


Combining the strength of Pilates with the breath and grace of Yoga practice, this class will help tone and stretch major core muscles and fine tune the smaller hidden spots. We will balance and unwind the stress and tension that inhibits your body’s ability to function smoothly. Class is ended with 5 minutes of relaxation time (meditation), and a little neck rub to prepare you for the rest of your day.

Hardcore - Class


Compliment your exercising training with specific core conditioning with our HardCORE class! Strengthen and firm your torso, flatten your belly, and define your midsection with a variation of exercises devoted to working on the upper and lower back. HardCORE uses innovative exercises to target your entire core and focuses on building strength, endurance, and flexibility. A HardCORE workout that will work every angle of your core – Making you stronger from the inside out!

Synurgy - Class


HEAT is High Energy Advanced Training. HEAT is a fast-paced, circuit-based class with high energy exercises. The class is designed to get your heart pumping to the max in just 30 minutes!

Zumba - Class


Zumba incorporates motivating music with unique moves and combinations using a fusion of Latin and International music. Total body toning and easy to follow dance steps will inspire you to move! All fitness levels welcome.

Zumba Toning - Class

Zumba Toning

All the same great features of Zumba with an added focus on strength training exercises within dance. This workout will give you the type of aerobic workout you know and expect from regular Zumba classes, but instead works on circuit training, which creates a higher calorie burn than strength training alone.


Yoga Core

Based on the Ashtanga Primary Series. A specifically designed series intended to strengthen, loosen, and improve the physical body. Preparing your mind and body flow throughout your daily lifestyles requirements and enjoy the ten minute restorative time at the end of class.

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