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The Burn Fitness Training Team is a highly qualified and motivational group of individuals that aim to bring you the best experience of personal training any facility can offer. Our trainers are nationally certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, educated as Corrective Exercise Specialists, and have specialized training in several other areas of health and fitness.

Burn Fitness members are encouraged to take advantage of a Free Consultation offered by any of our Personal Trainers. After discussing health history and individual goals, you will be taken through a comprehensive fitness assessment including body composition, functional movement screening, strength and endurance testing.

The Burn Fitness Training Team will provide you with a customized strength-training program that parallels your fitness assessment results directly to your personal goals. Nutrition is extremely important for you to reach your fullest fitness potential. The personal trainers at Burn Fitness will guide you with nutritional counseling as well as create an individualized cardiovascular program for you to follow throughout the week.

The trainers at Burn Fitness are invested in holding you accountable. They want to motivate you and help push you past your fitness plateaus. Learn more about our staff by following The Burn Fitness Training Team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and check out our Blog here.

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