Rowing Exercises

Rowing Exercises

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Let’s Get Functional!!

The rowing motion and the muscles engaged in this motion are extremely important for daily life activities. Especially with the amount of people with desk jobs today which over time will cause the shoulders to round, it is extremely important to create strong muscles to support the shoulder blades and shoulders. This exercise will help keep the shoulder blades back along with engaging the core muscles as a stabilizer.

How to perform:

1. Select a desired amount of weight on the weight stack and clip the black handles onto the seated row machine.

2. Grab the handles and sit up tall, you want to sit on the bench so that there is just a slight bend in the knees.

3. In this position have the arms fully extended at the elbow, pull the shoulder blades back together but relax the top of your shoulders by your neck.

4. Engage the core by pulling the belly button up and into the spine.

5. Bend one elbow and bring the black handle and hand to the side of the ribcage while keeping the other hand in the exact same position that it started in.

6. Do not rotate your torso at all during this movement.

7. Bring the handle back the the starting position and repeat with the other arm.

This completes one rep of this exercise. A normal amount would be 10 reps for one set of this exercise.


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