The Spiderman Stretch

The Spiderman Stretch

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Sufficient range of motion through the hip is required in any type of sport. To ensure that we are working with our optimum range of motion throughout our practice, game, or event, we need to make sure we warm up prior to the activity.

The “Spiderman” Stretch is a great way to loosen up your hips in multiple ways, stretching multiple muscles and stretching both legs simultaneously.

How to perform the Spiderman Stretch:

1) Get into a “Plank” type position, having your arms straight and hands shoulder width apart.

2) Bring one foot up toward your feet, placing it outside of your hand on the same side of the body. Your foot should always be outside the hand on this stretch, and your knee outside your shoulder/upper arm.

3) To get the most out of this stretch make sure you:
– Keep your chest opened up, don’t let it collapse.
– Keep your back leg as straight as possible.
– Lower your hips as much as you can toward the ground without breaking your form.

4) Hold for at least 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Stay loose. Stay healthy.


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